Har Mar is a True Superstar


Wearing clothing is overrated, and I’m god-damn tired of my neighbours thinking that it’s inappropriate for me to mow my lawn in my underwear! Not only do I have the tanned, chiseled body of David Hasselhoff, but going nude is absolutely liberating. It should be noted that naked is how humans were meant to live, and these climatized boxes we live in are simply a product of industrialisation. When’s it’s 90 degrees outside, why are most people opting to sit inside their air-conditioned houses, watching MTV reality shows, wearing a comfy t-shirt? You know what my idea of comfort in 90 degree weather is? Stripping down to the bone, rolling down a grassy hill, jumping into a nearby pond and then buying myself an ice cream. It almost makes me think that humans are really not meant for this world. I remember when I lived in northern Russia for a year, and I would pile on a parka on top of a sweater, on top of a flannel shirt, on top of turtle neck, on top of another parka just to take my dog for a walk (that’s right, even old Ron isn’t resilient to the Russian winter). Meanwhile, Barky Bark is prancing about, unclothed, and stuffing his face right into a snowbank. Nudity should be more than accepted, it should be embraced as a of display comfort and confidence. There are select number of people out there who understand this concept of “nudity as liberation” and those that come to mind first are Lena Dunham (just watch any episode of Girls) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, known for their nude on-stage antics, shafts only concealed with a tube sock.

Fortunately, another firm supporter of the nude lifestyle has come to my attention, and it is in the shape of Har Mar Superstar. He looks like Ron Jeremy, has the voice of, dare I say, a young Rod Stewart meets Stevie Wonder and the pure sexuality of James Brown. The man is already a legend in my books, and whether he becomes one of my close friends in the near future, depends on whether he answers my Facebook messages and joins me for a cigarette and an old fashioned. Har Mar’s R&B and funk inspired tunes have gotten him a lot of support over the past year, and since the release of his critically-acclaimed album Bye Bye 17. The man is at once known for his brilliant showmanship and his golden voice. His vocals are up there with the best of them, demonstrating a side of R&B that is at once hilarious, yet profound. Some say those are the two sides to Har Mar Superstar, but on a track like Prisoners, all you hear is his intensely colourful side, bringing to mind everything you wish music was about. And Har Mar is not simply using his showmanship to stand out from the indie crowd, he backs it with an incredible musical talent, shaking his sweat-stained junk in the face of all the pretentious non-believers. Keep at it young Har Mar, and please, PLEASE hang out with me soon!



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