Unknown Mortal Orchestra – So Good at Being in Trouble


Throughout 50+ plus years of rock and roll, you can probably tell that bands are beginning to run out of names. I mean, pretty much anything that starts with “the” has already been taken by a rock band or sports team. How can they be expected to come up with something original when all the great ones have already been taken? Of course you can always opt for a city name, like Kansas, Chicago and Boston did (or maybe it was the cities that were named after the bands, I don’t know, I never really payed much attention in history class). But either way, bands want to call themselves something original, something that stands out without sounding like words that were randomly pieced together for the sake of originality. I mean you can really call yourselves anything if you wanted to. If you’re forming a band in the near future, The Pig Earmuuuufs or New Zealand Silly Boyz are two names that haven’t been taken yet, so you better grab them before it’s too late. Anyway, because of the sheer amount of bands that exist or have existed, and to avoid legal issues, you end up with names like Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Bombay Bicycle Club. And this phenomenon has unfortunately led me to ignore a large number of bands without even taking a chance at their music. Unknown Mortal Orchestra was always one of these bands which I chose to ignore, until today that is, and now I’m kicking myself (literally… in the face… I’m very flexible) for having looked over them. I guess I could be a little less judgemental, but then where’s all the fun in life?

So Good at Being in Trouble is a great example of that pyschedelic summer sound that I truly love. They perfectly capture that indie vibe that is simple and genuine without being pretentious. In other words, they don’t live up to their name, which no longer bothers me as much. Maybe I should listen to more groups with annoying names, but then again I just can’t see myself getting past The Airborne Toxic Event or Godspeed You! Black Emperor. But hopefully you’re less judgemental than me and you’ll enjoy this lovely tune and the accompanying video, which has Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Mclovin!) totally losing his shit. Keep it cool Mclovin, you need to respect the opposite gender with the utmost sincerity. And this goes out to all of you, my male friends; be nice, be gentle, because the women can do a lot more for than you might think. After all, you don’t want to end up in the bin like Phil Spector or in a life of negative rep like Orange Juice Simpson. Gentlemen, if you’re in a desperate situation as young Mclovin was, hit up the Ask Ron page and ask away! With a history of over 37 girlfriends and a happy marriage of 40 years, I’d say I am more than qualified to give you relationship advice.


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