Something, Something, Something


Just about everything is better in groups of three. Three wheels, three shoes, three stings on a bass guitar, three testicles. It’s the magic number in my opinion. Think about a triangle, and how all three sides connect with each other. What a happy existence, being a triangle. I certainly wish I had been given the option of being a triangle when I was born. Instead I was yanked from the womb, given a pair of jeans and a shovel, and told to get to work. Getting to work is what I did and to hell with them anyway. I think if I had been born in a hospital, by a doctor and not at the hands of my uncle Randle, who in his drunken stupor, pulled me out by the feet, and then yelled at my mother because he wasn’t expecting me to be so naked, things might be different. It’s best not to ask why my birth went down this way, but if you’d really like to know, send me a private message and I’ll see if I can pull up some repressed memories.

Something, Something, Something is where I choose three “somethings” and then find a song that makes me think of that something. A something can be a genre of music, a band, a color, a flower, a drink, a concept, an adjective, an uncle Randle. Unlike the monthly mix or the remix report, a Something, Something, Something will not occur on a fixed schedule but rather whenever a friend, fan, or follower gives me three words they’d like me to use. So if you’ve got any ideas, send me a message or post a comment and I’ll make a Something, Something, Something just for you. This being the first one, I chose three somethings that popped into my head throughout the day, these being Something wet, Something golden, Something awesome. I won’t be writing about each selection because the concept is that the song or video itself should be able to do all the talking. Enjoy, and if you like this post, send me three somethings to keep it going!

Something Wet: 

Something Golden:

Something Awesome:


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