Sales – Renee


After stepping outside for a minute to grab some fresh air and to pull a couple donuts in my Jeep, I returned to my house only to find it completely filled with the smell of raw bass music. Sorry, raw bass FISH, not to be mistaken with that stuff that makes your whole body go mental when the beat drops up on the dance floor. I may be old but I’ve been to a Bassnectar show, I know what it’s like. There are even people out there who call themselves Bassheads, who thrive off those heavy-bass-induced seizures. I can’t say I’m one of them, but I can certainly see the appeal. Anyway, my wife was preparing an enormous fish fry to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Unfortunately she is not much of a cook and I walked into the kitchen to find her standing on the counter, covered in fish blood, hurling live basses against the fridge. My first thought was, “Well okay, how else might someone put down a live bass?” And then an increment of reason set in and I realized what was wrong with this display… just about everything. After dodging a fish or two, I managed to calm her down and took over. I handed her a tall glass of lemonade and gave her the task of finding me the loveliest song she could so I could post about it. I’m happy to say, she did not disappoint.

I couldn’t find much on Sales (sounds like I’m talking about accounting) but their song Renee is incredibly delightful. Laid back, with an extremely mellow vibe and very catchy guitar riff, this song brings an easy smile to my face. This duo from the US is comprised of a female guitarist/vocalist and a be-speckled gentleman on keyboard/drum machine. A perfect little matchup for you thursday evening. I love featuring hardly-known bands, so thank you my dear, and I should get you to help me more often, just not with the fish. In fact, it may take a few days to get that image out of my head. Yeesh!


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