Phoenix – SOS in Bel Air (Ariel Pink’s Krystal Bamboo Remix)

ariel pink

Don’t you love being that one guy in a group of friends who always puts on a song expecting them to love it and all you get are blank stares and a “what the hell is this?” Being the person in my crew that does the most in terms of researching new music, I tend to always be that guy. I remember the first time I played Animal Collective, it was close to a disaster, but they quickly came around and are now huge AC heads like me. Unfortunately, Ariel Pink was and still is one of those artists that never stuck with them. His album Before Today as Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti has always stood out for me in its demented retro form. He is one of those “out there” acts, and it’s perfectly understandable how his music wouldn’t do it for everyone. He’s like a tiny Kurt Cobain with pink hair and his music is like some sort of underground garage rock from the sixties that never really saw the light of day. Anyway, if Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffti isn’t really your thing, then that’s okay, you’ll probably appreciate his remix of Phoenix’s SOS in Bel Air nonetheless. It’s fresh, a little bit psychedelic and has that unique Ariel Pink off-kilter flair. It’s one of those songs that has me thinking, “oooh great, now I know this exists!”


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