RJ’s February Mix


I can’t imagine sharing a bed with Kanye West. He’d be hogging all the covers and you’d say “Hey Kanye, you mind not hogging all the covers? I’m getting a little cold over here.” And Kanye would probably say something like: “Bitch, I am the reincarnation of jesus. I would share these covers with you if I wasn’t so busy re-writing history, god damn it! I’m just trying to express myself and create art through these here sheets and you and your team of corporate pigs keep getting in my god-damn way… huh!” I have an enormous amount of respect for Kanye as an artist but it’s probably people like me that lead to his artistic angst. I don’t feel bad though, because it’s so easy and despite him being “held back” he has undoubtedly contributed an immeasurable amount of influence to modern music. And I highly doubt Yeezy will ever read this, but if you are just know that I see you and I feel you Ye!

In other news, I present to you my RJ mix for February 2014. This is my second mix and in all regards, I am more than pleased with it. I spend a lot of time working on these mixes, but I really can’t think of a better way to spend my late nights. This one has a lot of new music from the month of February plus some older tracks that just fit the mix perfectly. It even has some more upbeat danceable parts, so feel free to bump this one at your next baby shower, once the mimosas start flowing. In terms of song choice, I think I hit the nail on the head, and in terms mixing quality, well, I think I’ve been getting a lot better. I am not a DJ, nor a sound engineer, nor a producer; I am Ron Johhnson, music blogger, snake wrangler, coffee guzzler and family man. But like anything, mixing tracks takes a lot of practice, and I am still at the bottom of Ableton Live’s very steep learning curve, although I did find myself trying out new techniques like sampling and looping which worked out favourably. If you like the mix, or even if you hate every minute of it, post a comment or send me a message and trash or praise the hell out of it, I don’t care, I would just love to hear what you think. And once again, this brings me to my end-of-month sentiments where I like to say an enormous thank you to all my loyal followers, and all those who have taken the time to peak a glance at this increment of a blog. Judging from all the new music that popped up at the end February, I am confident that the month of March is going to bring big things. That’s assuming Kanye doesn’t buy out all music ever made and re-dub it with huh’s and throaty groans. Love you Kanye <3.

Captain Murphy – Disciples
Rustie – Globes
ScHoolboy Q – The Purge/RapfixCypher (20syl Remix)
Sweet Valley – Spirit Temple
Tinashe – Vulnerable (Jacuzzi Remix)
Renz – Look Good On Me
Elaksi – Want You
Hermitude x Flume – Hyperparadise (Ganz Flip)
Sweet Valley – Kingdom of Heaven
Indian Summer – Grand Rapids
AbJo – Exhibit AbJo
Chester Watson – Goldie (prod. UggzTv)
Stwo – Money Tree$ (ft. Fitzroy)
Djemba Djemba – I Just Go (Falcons Remix)
ODESZA – Sun Models ft Madelyn Grant
Renz – You Know Me
Kaytranada – Hilarity Duff
Aluna George – You Know You Like it (Tchami Remix)
Aquadrop vs. Nadastrom – Favelas (Rl Grime Private Pussy Edit)
Big Chocolate x Sir Mix-A-Lot – Baby Got Milk (Emoh Instead Edit)
Sweet Valley – The Alternate Earth


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