Real Estate – Talking Backwards



Here is a short poem I wrote, of which 70% is based on true facts.

I found a pumpkin, under my shed
I found a pumpkin, and I named him Ned

Using a marker, I drew him a face
and dressed him in lipstick, earrings and lace

Ned became my new best friend
he was the prettiest pumpkin in all the West end

We walked on the beach, late at night
rolled in the sand, and held each other tight

Every moment was spent with Ned
he was my one and only, you could have said

I left my wife and all three of my kids
I even lost my job of fishing for squid

But I had my Ned, so all was okay
Until I came home one frightful day

and found him in bed with a butternut squash
I cried out “oh my jebus joly gosh”

So I carved them both up and made me a soup
it resembled some kind of watery goop

I ate the whole thing with a loaf of bread
then went off to the market to find a new Ned

And here’s a new song and video by the band Real Estate. This is one those fun and very likeable bands that is definitely worth getting into. Their new album comes out on March 4th and it’s sure to be a hoot!


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