Bonnaroo 2014


Elton John, Jack White, Kanye, The Glitch Mob, Damon Albarn, Arctic Monkeys, Skrillex, Cage the Elephant, Skrillex, James Blake. In spectacular fashion, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival released their lineup for 2014 last night. While most other big festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza simply put out a poster on a given date, Bonnaroo did something called BLAM (Bonnaroo lineup announcement megathon) and god-dang was it entertaining. Hosted by comedian Hannibal Burress and SNL actor Tarran Killiam, and with performances by the Flaming Lips, and Ben Folds, they really outdid themselves. Personally, I viewed it with a bottle of gin, a bucket of fried shrimp and my three best friends Alejandro, Toilet Tony and Chon Lee. Alejandro is the young Puerto-Rican gentleman who saved me when I was lost in the Puerto-Rican rain forest, having been chased up a tree by a pack of angry wolverines and who I then adopted as my third son and who now lives with us. Then there’s Toilet Tony, my plumber/financial adviser turned best friend. Yes, this is the same Toilet Tony that invented the¬†Panasonic Inverter Prestige microwave oven, and started what is known as “twerking”. Finally there’s Chon Lee, or Charlie, as we like to call him, the last piece of the pie. I found Charlie back in 2006, when I was spending the summer at a ranch. On my last day there, a walked into the barn and found him curled up under a pile of hay, stark naked. I brought him home and cleaned him up and he became my new best friend. I love these three guys and I do just about everything with them. So this brings me to why I’m so excited about the Bonnaroo lineup. It’s because I road-tripped down to Tennesse with the above mentioned crew for Bonnaroo 2013 and it was probably the best weekend of my life, if you’re not counting the time I found a whole ham sandwich in the backseat of my Pontiac.

The lineup this year is not to the level of what it was last year (Paul McCartney, Tom Petty, Animal Collective, Pretty Lights, Tame Impala to name a few) but it is still spectacular. I am more than excited to see names up there like Vampire Weekend, Disclosure, Danny Brown, A Tribe Called Red, James Blake, and of course Jack White, one my favourite musicians of all time. What’s also fun about festival lineups is to look up the names that you don’t know and to get excited about them. One of the defining features about Bonnaroo are the superjams, where a bunch of musicians from different bands unite on one stage and jam well into the night. One of this year’s jams is featuring Skrillex so it will be interested to see how that turns out. If you’re considering venturing out to an American music festival this year, I seriously suggest Bonnaroo, even if the lineup isn’t to your liking. It is unlike any other festival (and I’m going to sound like a hippy here… but maybe I am one) because of the strong positive energy. Before going, I heard a lot about the radiate positivity mantra which is reinforced at the festival, but it was only after experiencing it first hand that I realized how powerful it really is. There is this atmosphere at Bonnaroo where everyone is at peace, and happy to be there, and helpful, and friendly. It is basically a utopia, where everyone is your best friend for four days, soundtracked with some of the best music out there. Plus the fact that almost everyone camps there makes it so much more like a big family. It’s tough to put this feeling into words, but check out the video below by Almost Alive, which pretty much strikes it at it’s core.


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