Sweet Valley


‘Sweet valley dude. Thanks dude. You’re welcome dude.’ That’s what comes to mind immediately when I read the name Sweet Valley, and I’m almost 100% sure that was their intention. One half of Sweet Valley is Nathan Williams of surfer rock band Wavves and the other half is his brother Kynan. To give you a short background on the group, here is a description of the band from their Bandcamp page: “Sweet Valley is a Bermuda Triangle-like place, where cannabis crumbs, spilt beer, record dust and that mysterious shit you had to blow out of game cartridges all collect as if pulled by some gigantic junkyard magnet. ” And now you know just about everything you need to know about the duo. In fact, I can’t say I even know what the band members look like because I found the above picture from one of their album covers and thought it defined their music perfectly.

Sweet Valley’s sound is primarily electronic but you can find nuances in there from an array of different styles. First and foremost is the psychedelic surfer sounds that are a clear product of Wavves music, but they also have a lot of bass and trap inspired tunes with bright synths and complex drum patterns. Their work is extremely eclectic, making it impossible to even try and pin them down as one singular genre. In some songs they venture into hip hop territory, before moving into sample heavy electro-soul in the next. Why these guys have so few followers on Soundcloud, no idea. Their latest release, So Serene, could easily have been an album or an EP, but is instead a 28 minute song. It is spectacular in it’s constantly evolving form that begins with an atmospheric buildup, before moving into a whirlwind of different beats and then coming down into a sample from some sort of paranoid news broadcast where a guy talks about UFO’s. The whole thing can be listened to and downloaded here at no charge. In honour of all the music they’ve put out in the past two years, I’ve chosen to share five of my favourite Sweet Valley tunes, and trust me, it certainly wasn’t easy choosing only five.


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