Parquet Courts – Borrowed Time


I decided to go mud digging today. That’s when I’m at a loss for recent music so I pull up a festival lineup, scroll to the bottom of the page, to where I don’t recognize any names and start firing them into YouTube. Then I’ll go on a frenzy of related videos and usually pull something cool out of the mud. There is really a lot of great music out there, sometimes you just need to take the time to find it. However, there is also an over-abundance of artists that  just completely lack in individuality. Maybe this is too subjective, but even when mud digging within the indie bands, you’ll find a lot of stuff that sounds the same. Then again, I guess the ones that really standout get recognized pretty quickly and find themselves on the side of the mud pile, blossoming into beautiful flowers of noise. But of course sometimes you’ll pull out a shiny nickel that everyone else seems have thrown back into the sludge. Then you can really be proud.

Today I went digging in the hopes of finding something new, but instead I came across Parquet Courts, a band I discovered last year. So if you’ve never heard of Parquet Courts before, I’m doing you a big favour right now. If I could have one band be the soundtrack to Ron Johhnson, it would be these guys. In fact, if I could go back in time and bring Parquet Courts with me, I would have them play my wedding instead of that George Michael/Slayer cover band. Their sound reminds me of Velvet Underground, Talking Heads, and Devo’s first album, Q: Are we not Men? A: We are Devo!, all music that has seriously shaped me into the music-loving man I am todayIt’s got that raw garage sound but holding on the screaming and the trashing, keeping it more composed than other modern punk bands. The singer sounds like he just walked out of the bathroom and was handed a guitar and a cigarette and told to sing a song. There is something nostalgic and inspiring about their music, which I can’t really explain. It almost feels like home in a way, but makes me want to do bad things at the same time. Check out their album, Light Up Gold, it’s a great listen and has an album cover which I very much approve of.


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