Remix Report #2

remix report 2

Apparently it’s Valentines day folks. I became aware of this very important (or not so important) fact a few hours ago when I found a single rose placed on my pillow. My wife, being away on a business trip in Seattle, placed it there, expecting me to find it in the morning. Unfortunately, her being gone meant that I fell asleep on a lawn chair on the roof, gazing up at the stars. I love my wife, and I am so happy that she thinks of me on such a day, but her absence meant that I could spend all of February 14 with my second love… pulled pork. Making it, smelling it, tasting it, I love all of it, and any time I get the house to myself, pulling the pork is what I do. I threw the pork shoulder on the charcoal early this morning and it’s been going strong all day. The sweet smoky smell has been filling my backyard, and the neighbours have begun lining up since noon. Of course I share it, it’s what any good pork puller would do. I have already had to change my drool-soaked shirt three times today. Unfortunately, I know myself well enough at this point to predict a food coma over the next two days, so I’m leaving you with a healthy piece of pork to chew on. But not the pulled kind, that’s for me and my neighbours only. There are some real gems in Remix Report #2, so have yourself a solid listen and fantasize about a genuine Johhnson house pulled pork sandwich.

According to 17 year-old producer, Tennyson, from Edmonton Canada, you can’t spell ‘mellow’ without ‘meow.’ I agree with you, young Tenny, whatever that means. This is one of the more beautiful remixes I have heard of late, and that is why I am featuring it first. Such a young man, already with such an individual sound, completely (and I mean completely) reworks Angus and Julia Stone’s For You into a smooth jazzy piece. Still at the bud of his career, this young sound maestro is sure to blow up very soon. 

The difference between a flip, a rework, a remix, an edit, and whatever other terms they use, is beyond me. All I know is that when a producer takes a track and really gives it his own flavour, then it really doesn’t matter what you call it. Ganz’s (now get ready for this) flip of Flume’s remix of Hermitude’s song Hyperparadise (nailed it) is one of the most talked about remixes/flips/whatever of the past week. Ganz really puts an interesting spin on a song that was already one of the best remixes of the past year. I hope your brain is still sharp enough after all those synonyms to listen to the song now.

Are you a fan of squeaky bed springs? If you’ve ever lived in a house with other people past the age of 18 then probably not. Luckily, Trippy Turtle is about to turn that around for you. The squeak is a pivotal sound of the Jersey Club style that has become so popular over the past year. Here, Bell Biv DeVoe’s 1990 jam Poison gets a jersey club twist from the mysterious squeak master himself. Who is Trippy Turtle? It’s almost certainly the incredibly versatile Norwegian producer Magnus August Høiberg, better known as Cashmere Cat. Or maybe it isn’t, maybe it’s your brother. Or maybe it’s no one at all. Is this even real life?

Oh Danny Brown. You can’t not love him. Hailing from Detroit, he is one of the most talented and interesting rappers to emerge in the past decade. His flow is impeccable and his songs are reminiscent of early 90’s underground rap. They call this one an edit and if you’re familiar with the original of Grown Up then you can certainly hear why. Instead of re-mixing the song, producer Fitzroy, added his own unique beat, with a piano touch, that complements the exquisite lyricism just as well as the original.

Finally, I’m sure you were asking yourself who the hell Cashmere Cat was a few minutes ago. Well here you go. This is a Twinzrack remix of his song Rice Rain, and it’s got some very noteworthy parts. That’s about all I have to say about it. I want my pulled pork. I want it right now. Have a good weekend friends, even though I’ll be busy stuffing my mildy-attractive-yet-very-experienced face, just know that I’ll still be here for you… eating… a lot.


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