Little Dragon – Klapp Klapp


“Woooaaaaah, crazy trippy dude!” were the first words that my youngest son Kennedy ever spoke. It was in late 2009, and we riding down the golden coast in my 1973 Tans Am (I miss you baby), dogs in the back, wife in the passenger seat with the toddler in her lap. I threw on my cassette recording of Little Dragon’s spectacular album Machine Dreams, and Kennedy suddenly had this big smile on his face. I guess the little bugger had never heard trip hop before.

Amongst the cloud of indie fuzz, Little Dragon has always stood out. Curators of a dreamy synth pop sound, they have release three spectacular albums over the past seven years. The beautiful Yushimi Nagano’s unique vocals are really the driving force behind the Little Dragon sound, and they have inspired a number of collaborations between the band and similar acts like Gorillaz and SBTRKT. In anticipation for the May 3rd release of their next album Nabuma Rubberband, they have just released their first single Klapp Klapp, along with a really cool interactive video, where the band actually calls you and tells you about their new album. I swear it’s real, check it out below. Well, It’s a recorded message but I still blushed like a japanese schoolgirl when Yushimi said “hi.” This video is a great reminder of the incredible ways that bands can interact with their fans through the power of the internet. Cue: “I remember in my day…”

Interactive Video:


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