Patrick Watson – Words in the Fire (Acoustic Session)


I was once mistaken for Patrick Watson. I was outdoors, finishing off my cigarette at his show in Milwaukee, when a woman rushed outside and ushered me indoors because the show was about to start. I was escorted onstage and shown to a grand piano. I got through three of his songs before the real Patrick burst onstage, perplexed and somewhat infuriated. I was thrown out the back of the venue and asked not to return. I found Patrick after the show and we shared a cocktail and laughed over the misunderstanding. How the two of us, who bear no resemblance other than both being bearded males, were mistaken, was beyond us. However, I am now aware that I may have a potential career as a Patrick Watson cover band.

Although I have seen his live show twice, I have very little to say about Patrick Watson, other than that his music is full of light and beauty. The young man out of Montreal is an incredibly talented singer, with a unique voice and a knack for obscure song composition. Allow Patrick Watson to imbue an excessive amount of beauty into your life by watching the video below, where he performs an acoustic version of his song, Words in the Fire.


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