New Griz Song and Video – Need This


Grant Kwiecinski, also known as GRiZ, has been tearing up the electronic scene over the past year. Who is GRiZ? He’s that dj who plays the saxophone. Ohhhh him! Ya him, and he’s crazy talented and puts on one of the best live shows out there right now. His funky beats are nothing short of spectacular and he has impressively put out two albums already, Mad Liberation and Rebel Era, both available for free download here. GRiZ is one of the first producers that got me into electronic music. What makes his style more accessible to people like me, is that it’s a step away from pure electronic music, and more of a blend between funk, jazz and modern bass music. Much like Gramatik, he uses live instrumentation and old-school hip-hop samples throughout his tracks, giving it more soul than say, house or techno, if that term is even relevant anymore. When I first got into electronic, I was able to recognize the attraction to artists like Deadmau5 but the music just didn’t do it for me. That is why I am forever grateful to artists like GRiZ and Pretty Lights; they opened my eyes and ears to world or music that I had completely over-looked.

The video below has GRiZ dropping his new song Need This, with footage from his last tour. Need This has that future/old school R&B feel, with GRiZ’s signature saxophone and some impressive dubstep sounds. The song is more along the lines of what he created on his latest album Rebel Era, and if you’ve never heard of GRiZ before, this should be a great introduction. He also just announced a spring tour with Michael Menert which can be viewed here. He’s not coming to my hometown (whyyyyyyyyyyy?! ) but he may very well be coming to yours. I may just have to road trip to his nearest show, because as you may be able to tell from the video, his lives shows are BUMPIN! … if that’s what they say these days?


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