Mashup Monday with Mos Def and Big Boi


Here is a quick recap of my morning:
6:00am: bedtime
7:00am: wake up
7:01am: quick yoga pose
9:07am: exit yoga pose
9:20am: coffee and eggs “a la oatmeal”
10:00am: quick jog to the corner shop for cigarettes and gatorade
10:40am: shower
11:00am: realization that the atoms that comprise life on Earth and that make up the human body and all life around us, are traceable to stars that exploded thousands of years ago, and that all life is significant due to this level of connectivity between all beings of the universe. Although our life may be short in the grand scheme of time we are still an essential aspect because we are alive, making each and every one of in some ways bigger than the universe itself.
11:30am: shave

I’ll stop here because the rest of my day was mostly occupied with the walking of my various pets and tending to my beef collection, so I’ll skip the boring parts. But of course there was also that point in the day where I discovered a few tracks that tickled my interest and that inspired the name for this post. Mashups are really a hit or miss for me. They all depend on song choice, and if those two songs don’t fit together perfectly, then the whole thing falls through. Luckily I was blessed with two super cool mashups which I found courtesy of The fact is, crappy hip hop will always sound sub-par to me, even if it’s mashed up with a good song. But here we have two of my favourite rappers, spitting their rhymes over tunes that complement their verses perfectly. The first mashup is of Yasiin Bey’s (alias of Mos Def) Travellin Man and Marvin Gaye’s classic Inner City Blues from 1971. The track is cleverly titled “Inner City Travellin’ Man (Soul Mates Remix)”  and was assembled by producer Amerigo Gazaway. The two tracks fit together seamlessly, creating a soulful product with a hip-hop/classic R&B feel.

The second mashup, Gossipzilla, was released a few days ago as a Big Boi track. The Atlanta rapper, and one half of Outkast, raps over a mashup of Gossip with UGK and Big K.R.I.T. and Blue Oyster Cult’s 70s jam GodzillaDespite not being a Blue Oyster Cult fan, this track actually had me feeling really excited the first time I heard it. The mashup is a blend of rock guitar and old school southern rap, with Big Boi throwing down some killer flow and definitely coming out on top. All in all, the song is great although it could use some more cowbell (I just had to).  


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