Thundercat – Lotus and the Jondy


“Walking through the forest, straight trippin in the darkness. Straight up seeing goblins, where no need to be frightened.”

Thundercat has moved me today. After sitting in my favourite armchair for five hours straight, I had to get up and walk over to my stereo to turn up the volume, while listening to his most recent album Apocalypse. Some might call me lazy, but I like to think of myself as static, more than anything. In fact, today was all about reminiscing on my past experiences and thinking about the future, and Apocalypse is the perfect album for that. Thundercat has been dubbed as somewhat of a bass guitar virtuoso, but on this album he completely defies that generalization. His improvisational jazz bass is spectacular, no doubt, but his voice is soothing and the songs are beautifully composed. His good friend (and ours), Flying Lotus, produced this one, which begs me to think that this might be the lotus whom he refers to in the song. Every track off Apocalypse is great, but Lotus and the Jondy is the one that struck me the most. It’s just one of those songs that has you thinking about that thin line that separates us from complete idleness. Or maybe that’s just me. Enjoy the live performance of this fantastically cool song, I think I’ve replayed it about 17 times today.


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