Nicolas Jaar, Chet Faker, Washed Out

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “Ron, what the shizz are all these fancy names up here on my computer screen? I can hardly keep up with all the Del Rays and the Gambinos, now you’re telling me about jars and fakers! I don’t know who to believe anymore!” Rest assured my friend, you’re not alone, and always remember the old saying: Ron Johhnson is here for you.

Today has been a challenging day for me. The highly anticipated album by one of my favourite electronic artists, Gramatik, has accidentally been leaked over the internet, a day before it’s official January 25th release. This major slip-up presents a huge conundrum for Gramatik fans such as myself; do I listen to the leaked version, or do I stick it to my homie Denis and wait for the official release tomorrow and pick up the free download? You guessed right. Being the loyal fan that I am, I shall wait, but expect a killer post tomorrow that will pay a huge tribute to the great artist that is Gramatik. In the meantime enjoy three tunes that I have specially selected just for you, and to make the wait a little less brutal. These three artists will receive their own Ron Johhnson posts on their next releases, but for now, enjoy them as merely vessels in which to help you pass the next 12-24 hours of your life, and for that they are perfect.

Washed Out’s incredibly lush remix of Moby’s Almost Home:

Electronic innovator Nicholas Jaar with a 7min and 38sec trip to bring you saturday afternoon to a whole new level.

Finally, Australian crooner and Flume-collaborator, Chet Faker, on his unplugged-style rendition of No Diggity.


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