Jessie Andrews, the DJ of your dreams


It must be pretty easy to make it as a Dj when you’re Jessie Andrews. I mean looking like a pornstar is certainly an advantage in the entertainment industry, but being an actual pornstar is on a whole other level. You may recognize Jessie from her recent induction into the indie electronic blogosphere, or maybe you’ve seen her adorable face in the latest beaver picture. Regardless, her fame in the porn and modelling industry has certainly propelled her latest venture as a DJ/Producer. Throughout 2013, she released a number of disco house tunes on her Soundcloud, toured around the United States and Canada and even released a few mixes that were well worth listening to. Whether she is working with a ghost producer or not, I do not know, but even then, some of her songs are actually quite good and she seems to have a fair amount of knowledge within her genre.

Normally, I aim to post about artists and bands with a keen musical talent and that really push the boundaries of contemporary songwriting, but I respect Jessie Andrews for having accomplished something completely out of her element. Sure her work in porn helped her get recognized as a DJ, but she does not use it as a crutch. She has developed a persona as Jessie the DJ, and not just Jessie the pornstar. Okay fine, maybe I was a bit seduced by those eyes, and those… songs, but I really do see potential for this young producer, especially as the disco house genre seems to be making a serious comeback. Check out one of her better songs,You below and be sure to grab the free download. And If you’re not into the song, just rest assured that you can go watch Keiran Lee bust a nut on her forehead instead!


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