New Mac DeMarco – Passing Out Pieces


Boy oh boy oh boy, am I ever excited today! Mac DeMarco, one of my favourite artists of 2013 has just released the first song off his upcoming album Salad Days. When I saw the good news, I leaped out of my chair and, forgetting about the low ceilings in my basement, smashed my head and fell unconscious for a total of three hours. When I came to, thanks to my dear wife who administered an eyedropper of homemade moonshine on my tongue, I immediately listened to the song and began this post.

Mac DeMarco’s last album, 2, was certainly one of my most listened-to records of 2013. His jangly guitar and simple melodies are enough to brighten-up any day, no matter how many times you’ve hit your head on the ceiling. This new song explores a different sound from his first album, with a heavier beat and more atmospheric guitar, but keeping true to the Mac DeMarco (punk meets soft indie rock) aesthetic. In a totally non-sexual way, I love Mac DeMarco, and not just for his music. He’s got such a funny and charismatic personality, that it’s impossible not to like him. After listening to Passing Out Pieces, check out his interview with Nylon and see if you want to adopt him as your son/best friend as much as I do. The official release date for Salad Days is April 1.


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