Remix Report #1


Welcome to Remix Report numero uno, ladies and gentlemen. This is just one of those occurrences when the moon is glistening over Lake Tahoe, and the stars are shining bright and a summer breeze carries the smell of cherry brandy into your nose and then something special happens. Remix Report comes to you once every second fortnight or during a period such as these past two weeks, when a number of wobbly remixes find their way into my auditory passages. Earnest, my eldest labrador and creative consultant/editor in chief of, brought it to my attention that I should share my favourite remix of late with my loyal followers. Not being able to choose only one, I decided it would be much more constructive to publish a report of five of the best remixes that I have heard recently. Remixing is such an essential part of electronic music and I have chosen five songs that I feel have really put an interesting spin on the original track.

The first remix was brought to my attention about 3 weeks ago via a Facebook post. The amount of electronic music that can be found when scanning through the internet is vast, but once in awhile you’ll come across a song that really blows your brains into an unknown universe. This is one of those song. French producer 20syl (of C2C) puts an incredibly musical twist on rap guru Kendrick Lamar’s Sing That Shit. He incorporates a flute sample and some amazing trap elements that’ll have you going back to the replay button like a fat kid at a buffet.

Amongst the artists that had a major breakthrough in 2013 is 17 year-old singer Lorde, from New Zealand. Although her single Royals was a slightly overplayed, no one seemed to grow tired of her captivating voice and adorable looks. Royals and her debut album Pure Heroine were a beautiful testament to the life of an average teenager. Here, Canadian slickster Ryan Hemsworth puts his chilled-out touch on her song Ribs, that’ll make you want to be young again. Unless you’re already young, in which case I say, enjoy it while you still can and stay away from the chemicals and most cleaning products found under your sink.

The next remix, I found courtesy of the blog, about 18 hours ago. Trap/house duo Louis Futon puts their spin on Ms. Fat Booty by Mos Def, one of my all time favourite hip hop tracks. This one incorporates a few of Mos Def’s killer verses before leading into a mellow  house beat that gives a complete facelift to the original song. And you can pick up a free download of this one by following the Soundcloud link.

You can’t talk about remixes without included a Kygo track. This 22 year-old producer from Norway has been literally stirring up a storm on his Soundcloud page, getting more than 1 million plays on his remix of Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire in only 3 weeks. Kygo has really had a stellar year, but the track that really stood out for me was his remix of Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing. In a feat that many thought would be impossible, he actually managed to sex-up one of the sexiest songs of all time, adding his signature summery sound and a catchy melody right after the chorus. Gentlemen, I suggest you play this one for your special lady and watch her purr with delight. You’ll be thanking me later. Oh, and I almost forgot, it’s a free download, just by following the Soundcloud link.

Finally we have a remix by one of the most innovative producers to come out of Australia in the past year. Following in the wake of label mates Flume and Emoh Insteah, Wave Racer has been putting out track after track of incredible summery Australian goodness. This ultra fun remix of flight facilities’ Stand Still feat. Micky Green incorporates a whistled melody that’ll have you booking the next flight to Sydney.


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