Beck – “Blue Moon” Teaser Video


Over the past few months I have found myself feeling thoroughly teased by none other than Mr. Beck Hansen. The talented singer/musician has released two awesome singles and the teaser video below in anticipation of his upcoming album Morning Phase. It has been six years since Beck’s last album Modern Guilt. It has also been six years since my last trip to New Orleans, my last prostate exam and the birth of my eldest goat Flapjack, but who’s keeping track anyway.

Beck is one of those artists who can do just about anything, and do it well. Beck’s versatile voice and vast musical ability has allowed him to explore different avenues, and change his sound from album to album. He could put out a reggae/rock opera in collaboration with MC Hammer and it would probably sound great. As we heard on the sample-heavy Odelay and Mellow Gold, he can rap better than any other white rock singer out there, whereas albums like Guero and Modern Guilt are more along the lines of alternative rock. The upcoming album is said to be more of a follow up to 2002’s Sea Change, which explores the sounds of folk and country rock as heard in the teaser video below. Every Beck album is different from the last but beautiful in its own way, adding to the anticipation for the February 25th release of Morning Phase. Check out the teaser video, which has Beck pressing his new album onto vinyl to his song Blue Moon, and have a listen to his last single, Defriended, from June 2013. 


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