Movement – Us



“Pure gold” is the best way to describe the music hailing from Australia over the past two years. From psychedelic rock kingpins Tame Impala and Pond, to the indie electronic gods over at Future Classic records; Flume, Chet Faker, Touch Sensitive, LDRU, etc. This country just seems to have a never-ending inventory of spectacular artists in a wide range of genres. The latest to pop up on my radar is a trio out of Sydney called Movement. Their music is deep, sultry and well, moving… ba dum tss! Their minimalist sound is reminiscent of The XX and James Blake, two artists who they have cited as influences. I have never been as enthralled by The XX as other music lovers, but when I first heard Us, about 7 min and 29 seconds ago, I was immediately blown away by the deep bass and soft, dream-like vocals. And you better believe the song is accompanied by a captivating video that had me clutching my chest and weeping tears of… manliness. Expect big things from these guys in 2014 and other Australian artists, as they keep on cranking their gold-plated record making machine.


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