Alex B (Paper Diamond) – Unreleased Mix


I recently attended one of my first ever dubstep shows. It was Zeds Dead on their altered states tour, accompanied by Paper Diamond, Branchez and Dj Green Lantern. When I first walked in, I must confess, I felt old and slightly out of place. There was an overwhelming amount of youngsters in tanks tops and backwards hats jumping up and down to the beat and thrashing their arms about. The room was extremely hot and reeked of sweat and smoke, prompting me to remove my flannel lumber-jacket and retreat to the back bar. As i sipped on my dark rum, the music got louder and louder and I began to feel the energy that is said to completely overtake your body and mind at an electronic music show. Within seconds I had gulped down the rest of drink, plus four more, and made a direct line to the middle of the dance floor where I broke into my best hoe-down. I was quickly lifted into a crowd-surf as Paper Diamond walked out on stage. His beats his me like a steam roller. A bass-heavy mix of dubstep, trap and electro soul that had me foaming at the mouth.

For me, Paper Diamond was the highlight of the night, partly because I don’t remember much from after his performance (headliners Zeds Dead) but mostly because of his eclectic style. To my recent knowledge, he began his career not in bass-heavy dance music, but in downtempo hip hip production. This week he released a 46 minute mix of unreleased hip hop beats called Brainfood, which he produced in 2009 as Alex B. The mix makes it clear that even as a young producer, he was creating sounds that were purely original. Stream the full mix below and you can check out the tracklist and even grab a free download courtesy of the blog by clicking here. And if you’re a fan of Paper Diamond’s music, it has come to my attention that his music is all available for free download on his Soundcloud, which you can pick up right….. HERE!



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