French Kiwi Juice


Well folks, it’s sunday, and if you had a night that was at all similar to mine, then you’re feeling a little bit groggy this morning. The good news is that nothing will kill that hangover and get you moving more than a little french kiwi juice. Mine are freshly picked and squeezed from my neighbour’s backyard kiwi vine, but store bought will also do just as fine. First make sure to remove the skin and then place in a blender or juicer. Add a handful of strawberries or a banana for extra flavour and a scoop of yoghurt if you prefer a creamy texture.

Now that you’re happily sipping away on one of my all time favourite non-alcoholic beverages, you can enjoy the song of the day. This one is a remix by French Kiwi Juice (absolutely no relation to my favourite drink) of Wiiliam DeVaughn’s 1974 hit Be Thankful for What You Got. FKJ leaves DeVaughn’s soulful vocals mostly intact, complimenting them with a funky guitar intro, some melodic synths and set on top of a lovely downtempo house beat. This is a definite feel good track, adding a bit of light and happiness to a cold, sleepy sunday such as this. FKJ has put out a number of magnificent remixes and originals over the past year, fully pushing the boundaries of electro-soul and managing to remain somewhat of a mystery to the public eye. So raise your glass of french kiwi juice to the one and only French Kiwi Juice,


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