King Krule – A Lizard State

King Krule

If you haven’t been following King Krule over the past year, then you have probably been living under a rock, or lost somewhere in the confines of your own mind. Regardless, every song, album or EP released by the young Brit has enthralled me with its jazzy melodies and watery guitar riffs. At first listen, you may be taken aback by his unique voice, which is completely at odds with his image (imagine the offspring of a 1980’s Annie Lennox and David Bowie). But that deep Cockney voice grows on you, and before you know it you’ll be hooked on his sound, just like me.

In fact, hearing a King Krule song brings me back to my summer vacation of 1972 in London. I fondly recall sitting in a dim pub, slightly marinated after a sizeable volume of heavy lager, when a deep Brit voice whispered in my ear, “You lookin’ fo trouble brov?” I quickly swung full circle on my stool, guns blazing, ready for my first proper English bar scrum. Upon turning, however, I was surprised to find a beautiful young woman (or so I thought at the time) in a short dress and a hungry look in her eyes. If you are reading this, dear wife, I suggest you check on the roast, as I believe I can smell it burning. We spent a passionate evening together, which was brought to an abrupt halt when I awoke the next morning gazing right into the eye of a sizeable Adam’s apple. This brought an early end to my vacation, as I made sure to catch the next flight home. Although I spent the next three months rethinking my life, that summer trip to London left me with memories I will cherish forever.

If you haven’t had a listen to King Krule’s debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, it is certainly worth a go. One of the highlight tracks, A Lizard State, has just been made into a fantastic music video, directed by Jamie-James Medina and inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder. Enjoy this great video, which does justice to an even greater song and see how you might feel about a horizontal Archy Marshall standing on your living room wall.


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