Coachella 2014


I was woken early this morning with a pounding of fists on my face and a hysterical shouting of “daddy, I wanna go!” It was my youngest son Jefferson, hysterical over something or other. As I stumbled out of bed and began to lecture him on the proper way to wake up a father; eggs, bacon and mug of Columbia’s finest (coffee of course), he presented me with a copy of Coachella’s 2014 lineup. Within seconds the both of us were in full bear hug embrace screaming “I wanna go!” I guess I raised you right young Jeffer and I know where I’ll be sending you for summer camp this year.

I have seen my fair share of festival lineups in my day, but this is one for the books. I am more than pleased to hear that the Outkast reunion rumors are true, which will hopefully lead to other headlining dates and maybe even a tour for the legendary rap duo. Take a look at the heavy star studded, jam packed, extra tasty lineup and fantasize about Coachella 2014. And if you’re one of the lucky chicos who’ll be attending this beautiful conglomerate, Ron Johhnson wishes you a safe and happy festival.

And to celebrate the reunion of the Cadillac-loving duo from Atlanta, please enjoy one of their timeless tracks below, not to mention one of my all-time favourite songs:


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