Flying Lotus – An Xbox Killed my Dog


I have always felt humbled and perplexed by the exquisite sounds of LA’s very own
Flying Lotus. For years he has  pushed the boundaries of hip hop production and experimental electronic music in a way that has been influential to producers from every genre. After his last critically acclaimed album Until the Quiet Comes the anticipation was high for his next release. To your good fortune, his most recent mixtape: Ideas+drafts+loops can be downloaded for free here, and trust me compadre, it’s worth the click. It may not be an album, but it’s a more-than-substantial preview into what he has been working on lately.

What first drew me to this particular song was the curious title. After having recently undergone a similar experience, I felt connected to FlyLo on a more personal level. The xbox was first introduced to me by my young Puerto Rican comrade, Antonio. My beloved dog, Barky Bark would sit and watch me play game after game of Tiger Woods PGA tour ’12, howling at every bogey. However it was not the xbox itself that took his life but more his lack of understanding of modern technology and our home’s electrical routing system. To my family’s dismay we came home one afternoon from a delicious luncheon at our local Tuscan ranch to find him laying motionless on the Aztec rug, having chewed right through an electrical wire connecting the xbox. I was sad to see you go Barky Bark, but this post is for you .

Every FlyLo release seems to be better than the last, but this latest has really taken his sound to a new level. Full of clicks, bells, highly compressed snares, vocal samples and atmospheric synths to make your deceased hound howl in his grave (oh how I miss you Barky Bark). It features rap from your very own Captain Murphy, Earl Sweatshirt, The Underachievers and Viktor Vaughn (alias of MF Doom) and even a remix of our Lord and Saviour’s “Black Skinhead” featuring bass guru Thundercat. Enjoy the song and do yourself a favour and pick up the free download, you’ll be forever grateful that you done it.


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